Rumour: Nintendo’s next console to be called “Feel”

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We’re literally just over a month away until the E3 Expo 2011, and the anticipated unveiling of Nintendo’s latest home console. Ahead of such an occasion, rumours regarding the Wii’s successor are continuing to circulate and the latest comes from Swedish website

The site reports, courtesy of the translation skills of NeoGAF user Majine, that Nintendo’s next console is to be called “Feel,” although this could turn out to be an additional codename.

The reasoning behind such a brand name is the apparent inspiration by the technology utilised with the touchscreen – rumoured to feature on the system’s controller.

“Haptic technology is a form of tactile feedback used to simulate the experience of touching different objects shown on screen,” the Swedish site writes. “The player can move their fingertips across a surface and clearly feel the difference between soft, smooth or rugged textures.”

Another rumour aiming to garner the interest of speculative Nintendo fans, or one that holds some truth? We’ll have to wait until Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference to find out…

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  1. reason why this HAS TO HAPPEN 10 years olds will be saying “dad gave me a feel for Christmas”

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