Rumour: Nintendo to offer digital E-reader service on Wii U and 3DS

stack of magazines

Following rumblings that Nintendo are to incorporate an expanded store for Wii U that encompasses a range of various applications for use with its touchscreen controller, a further rumour has emerged.

Citing a friend who works for a software developer based in Los Angeles as his source, Mark Gwilliam claims to have been told that Nintendo approached the company to port and publish software currently available on iOS devices to the Wii U.

Included within this, Nintendo are apparently planning to launch a digital e-reader service that will allow users to download a range of books, magazines, newspapers and comics to the console, which may then be streamed to the touchscreen. This, of course, is similar to the iPhone, iPad and Kindle products, seeing users swipe to alternate between pages.

Further still, Nintendo are also looking to allow the service to be shared with Nintendo 3DS, where you will be able to zoom in/out to view text and graphics, with the company aiming to emulate shared services in a similar way that which the iPhone and iPad offer.

Nintendo are discussing the possibility of providing free digital versions of their official strategy guides, including those out of print for Virtual Console titles, which may be viewed on the controller whilst playing the game on your TV. They are also looking to offer Prima Games guides, although these would have to be purchased.

Similarly, digital instruction booklets will also be introduced alongside Virtual Console titles, allowing players to view those that were provided within retail copies of NES, SNES or Nintendo 64 games for example.

Naturally, Nintendo are also seeking the support of magazine publishers. If you already have a subscription to a particular magazine, the Wii U will be able to download the latest issue as soon as it is available even if in Sleep Mode. The company are also looking to make every issue of Nintendo Power, in North America at least, available for download. This will encompass the entirety of the magazine’s archive from 1988 onwards.

Until we hear further specifics regarding the Wii U at E3 Expo 2012, this remains a rumour. Yet, for a company that has always been keen to ensure their products maintain a mass-market appeal, there’s plenty of reason for such a digital e-reader service to be made available.

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