Rumour: Nintendo to begin new “Wii Select” budget range, Wii price drop incoming

mario kart arcade gp 20050927

Citing retail sources, Kotaku have reportedly been told that Nintendo are to drop the price of the Wii to $149 across North America this month, alongside launching a new budget-range of titles under the name “Wii Select.”

With price lists indicating the new “Wii Select” range will be priced at $19.99, initial games will include Mario Super Sluggers, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It would seem that Wii Sports, a title that has been bundled with new Wii systems since launch, will also be joining the budget-range.

Further to this, it would seem that a new Mario Kart Wii bundle is also due to hit retailers at the lower price point of $149, making the separate sale of Wii Sports a necessity for motion control newcomers.

This is all supposedly due to kick off from May 15th, matching previous rumours. Having contacted Nintendo of America, a representative issued the usual “Nintendo does not comment on rumors or speculation” response.

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