Rumour: Nintendo Switch Will Launch With Super Mario Game


We were told that we would have to wait until the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 to learn more about what awaits us, but rumours continue to swirl around the home gaming system.

Let’s Play Video Games returns with another scoop, their sources revealing that the 3D Super Mario game that was seen in the preview trailer will be a launch day release in all countries. Nintendo is, unsurprisingly, preparing a demo build for the press to play in January 2017, which will presumably be playable at the public sampling events that are planned.

“The title will apparently feature a 3D open world hub from which different worlds can be selected, with multiple objectives to complete in each, much like Mario 64 or Mario Galaxy,” the website goes on to share, with such information gleaned from their sources.

“This may seem obvious, but we share this information to specify that this will not be a Super Mario 3D World-style game where the action is in 3D, but each stage is a linear path designed to be completed a single time.

“The multiplayer teased in the trailer will be a co-op version of the main game, with both players able to work together toward objectives, but with a form of tether to keep the players from going too far from each other. Player two’s gameplay will not hold player one back from progress, but player two can be the one to complete an objective and be shown as receiving the level end reward. A screen will then show how much of the progress toward that success was down to each player, like how many red coins each player collected in a red coin stage.”

That isn’t the only rumour that Let’s Play Video Games reports, adding that Splatoon’s Nintendo Switch version will be a pack-in with the more expensive console bundle that will be made available at retailers worldwide.

With additional single player content and regular weapons, maps and modes added for free as seen on Wii U, Nintendo will push a 1 vs. 1 mode that will let two players on separate Nintendo Switch consoles take each other on. The three-minute matches are also expected to fit well with playing multiplayer while using the console on the go.

Nintendo Switch will release worldwide in March 2017.

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