Rumour: Nintendo recalling White Wii U Basic Pack from retail


Update: Kotaku have since shared the internal memo from a source at Best Buy, which reads: “Nintendo Wii U Basic Recall – Two Week Preparation On Tuesday, 6/18, all stories will need to return all new/unopened Wii U Basic (020359). .. Stores that have 10 or more in stock will receive shipping cartons from the [distribution center]. .. All other stores will need to save shipping cartons for this recall.”

Original Story: Nintendo have told retail partners that they are to recall any White Wii U Basic Pack stock, according to a company-wide memo revealed by a NeoGAF user.

The move potentially signals the company’s intent to go on the offensive over summer, beginning to deliver key first-party releases that the system has so far lacked.

Speculation points to the returned systems being refurbished and then re-released at a later date as White Wii U Deluxe Pack, the existence of which was last week confirmed for Japan.

This would therefore position Nintendo to have a single, standard model on retail shelves, alongside more enticing bundles that have so far included ZombiU and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – with room for more once heavy hitters such as Mario Kart Wii U speed on to the scene.

In any case, we can surely expect to learn Nintendo’s plans around E3 2013 kicking off next week.

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