Rumour: Nintendo NX To Interact With Smartphones, PC & PlayStation 4


Nintendo NX could interact with smartphones, PC and even PlayStation 4, such rumour having been sparked by Macquarie Research Japan senior analyst David Gibson.

His comments came as the firm raised their rating for Nintendo’s financial performance, a move that saw the company’s stock price surge by 9.07 percent.

Such a move seems considerably more likely given that Square Enix has already demonstrated interest in porting Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to the “dedicated game platform,” although were waiting on confirmation as to whether Nintendo Network policies would allow for cross-platform gameplay.

Players on PC and PlayStation 4 can already adventure together in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, but Microsoft is yet to approve a similar move on Xbox One.

This wouldn’t be applicable to every third-party release, but, if true, would hopefully encourage publishers to readily approach the console. Despite seeing significant growth in digital sales on the Nintendo eShop, the Nintendo Network is still widely seen to be in its infancy in comparison to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Dispelling such impression will be an important hurdle to overcome, to entice consumers toward investing in whatever Nintendo NX turns out to be.

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