Rumour: Nintendo NX to have Android-based operating system


We may have been told that we won’t be hearing about the Nintendo NX until 2016 at the earliest, but rumours about the hardware have already begun swirling courtesy of Nikkei.

The Japanese newspaper reports that Nintendo are considering to shift away from creating their own proprietary operating systems, with an insider sharing that the Nintendo NX “operating system is loaded with Android.”

“This would be able to speed up getting all game developers on board,” they add, suggesting that development could more readily expand to smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Nintendo’s apparent thought behind such move is to help developer’s make money back on their games by removing the need to create it specifically for one console, which is a situation that the Wii U has faced.

Nikkei’s track record with their rumours have previously outed Nintendo’s plans to market themselves on smartphone devices, and had unearthed plans to release the Nintendo 3DS XL months ahead of the handheld’s reveal.

But, Kantan Games CEO Dr. Serkan Toto has warned that the article’s source only posits the idea as “a possibility.”

“Just read the Japanese Nikkei article, which cliams Nintendo’s NX will use Android,” Toto writes on Twitter. “It says that this is not confirmed but that the source says it’s a possibility driven by Nintendo’s need to attract 3rd-party devs.

“The article also mentions that Nintendo in 2000 was in talks with JP telco Docomo to bring their games to phones under ‘project Aurora’. That plan was scrapped.”

[Thanks Kotaku]
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