Rumour: Nintendo NX More Powerful Than PS4 “By A Noticeable Amount”


Nintendo NX will be more powerful than rival Sony’s PlayStation 4 “by a noticeable amount,” according to the latest rumours to surface online.

NeoGAF user 10k shared numerous information gleaned from multiple sources, with one such mention indicating that Nintendo are considering porting four Wii U exclusives to the “dedicated game platform.”

But what they classify as a Tier 4 (T4) rumour, which means “at least four sources or more” have backed the claims, have shown that the hardware has been positioned to take the lead over current-gen platforms.

“The NX will be more powerful than the PS4. ‘By a noticeable amount’. From the CPU, to GPU, to RAM,” they write. “Sources don’t know the clock speeds, or memory type or amount of memory. But if the CPU is 15-30% stronger than PS4 as alluded to by LCGeek, than the GPU would need to match that bump in order to not bottleneck (Nintendo hates their bottlenecks).”

Nintendo has given no indication as to when they will unveil Nintendo NX, besides sharing that development continues “in preparation for launch.” Their silence has resulted in many rumours appearing, whether that be relating to Wireless HDMI dongles, Beyond Good & Evil 2 or fake 3D printed controllers.

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