Rumour: Nintendo NX Mass Production Delayed Until Early 2017


We now know that Nintendo NX is intended to launch worldwide in March 2017, but the latest rumour to emerge suggests that production for the “dedicated game platform” has been delayed.

DigiTimes report that sources in “the related upstream supply chain” have indicated that mass production will start in early 2017, although had been planned to start in mid-2016.

The reasoning that they suggest is that Nintendo wants to enhance the platform’s integrated gaming experience between console to handheld, as well as adding in support to leverage heightened consumer and industry interest in Virtual Reality.

Sources imply that Nintendo NX will look to merge console and mobile gaming, resulting in a device that uses a 5 to 7-inch display, controller and joystick for players to use as a portable, but can be connected to a TV to also use as a home console.

Sources indicate that Nintendo requested to start developing mold for the Nintendo NX in mid-2015, but the mass production schedule has shifted with certain key components not entering wider manufacturing until late 2016.

While Nintendo planned to order 20 million units, that has now been halved to 10 million units. It is believed that Nintendo have become more hesitant due to the market shrinking, and concerns over Wii U’s performance in its first year.

Nintendo NX will be assembled by Foxconn Electronics, who declined to comment.

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