Nintendo NX Is A Portable Console With Detachable Controllers

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Having chosen not to reveal Nintendo NX at E3 2016, Nintendo has left the rumour mill to continuously whir this year.

Now, Eurogamer reports that sources have confirmed that the “dedicated game platform” will be a portable, handheld console that has detachable controllers.

When played on the go, players can enjoy a high-powered handheld console that will can be played on a display. But, the apparent twist is that “the screen is bookended by two controller sections on either side, which can be attached or detached as required.”

Once you are at home, the console may then be placed into a docking station that will let you continue to play on a standard TV screen.

Well-placed sources have shared that the console will use Nvidia’s Tegra mobile processor, and that Nintendo has chosen to use game cartridges as their choice of physical media. It is believed that Nintendo is recommending a 32GB cartridge, and that the company had considered making a digital-only console before ultimately deciding against it.

Those rumblings around a cartridge-based console certainly aren’t new, with a filed trademark for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild making mention that it covered cartridge-based games.

With their decisions around hardware design, one source has suggested that there will be no backwards compatibility support. Another says that it will run on a new operating system created by Nintendo, which goes against early rumours that suggested it would use Android.

The Nintendo NX reveal is believed to be scheduled for September, with the console to carry a far simpler marketing message than Wii U – that players can take their games with them on the go.

“Nintendo has not made any new official announcements regarding NX which is due to launch in March 2017,” a Nintendo spokesperson said in response to the rumours. “As such [we’re] unable to comment on the various rumours and speculations circulating.”

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