Rumour: Nintendo NX Built On x86 Architecture

nintendo e3 2012 wii u

What Nintendo NX actually is remains anyone’s guess at this point, but that hasn’t stopped rumours from circulating around the internet.

Having now recovered from speculation that had surrounded the dual controller hoaxes, we now have Reddit user untypedhero sharing “second-hand information from trusted sources.”

That implies that the “dedicated game platform” will be built on x86 architecture, will allow save data to be backed up to Nintendo’s servers and has support for an additional screen. What will hopefully be encouraging to third-parties is that it “can handle ports of current-gen games,” will interact with smart device apps, and, by using NX software, players can unlock My Nintendo reward points.

The user has been verified by NintendoNX subreddit mod FlapSnapple, who has “confirmed that he has connections to Wii U developer(s) and/or development hardware and very likely has knowledge about the NX via those same connections. This verification is sort of general/open ended and I unfortunately cannot verify specific details on a point by point basis.”

For comparison’s sake, both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were built on x86-64 architecture. Sony and Microsoft have each become the target of speculation in the past month, rumours running rife that they are preparing mid-generation hardware leaps in PS4K and an Xbox One with improved innards.

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