Rumour: Nintendo 3DS redesign on the way

Rumours have surfaced today, supposedly from an unnamed source that works at Nintendo, that the company is due to release a redesign of the Nintendo 3DS.

French website 01net claims that Nintendo are aware that they have failed to convince consumers that 3D is harmless and will produce a new model to counter this.

The report claims that the new model handheld will “radically tone down” the 3D effect, and that Nintendo bosses have realised that it was a mistake to release the system without a right circle pad. The new model will therefore include this, and is to feature twin analogue inputs.

In terms of the existing Nintendo 3DS model, Nintendo engineers are said to be “spending many sleepless nights working on an additional device” that would attach to the console and be sold separately for about $10.

Nintendo are also said to be asking select developers to create games specifically for the dual analogue sticks, which is being met with a mixed reaction. Nintendo 3DS dev kits are also reportedly “extremely scarce” with only 300 units being produced each month, causing a delay for developers to begin making games for the system.

Whilst just a rumour, the French site previously broke numerous stories regarding Wii U and PlayStation Vita.

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