Rumour: N64 Classic Edition Has Leaked

Nintendo 64 Photo

Although unconfirmed that it is even on the cards at this point, images of the hotly anticipated N64 Classic Edition have surfaced online.

These come from Twitter user Nacho & Pistacho, who, when asked how he had managed to get them, shared that an undisclosed contact had photographed a screen and sent them to him.

That has understandably resulted in two reactions online, in those that believe the photos to be the real deal and others that have chosen to dismiss them as fakes.

After the tremendous success that the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition have seen, there can be no doubt that Nintendo is likely to be exploring and preparing to continue their nostalgia-driven efforts with an N64 Classic Edition.

There’s widespread belief that it’s happening, then. But, whether these photos are real is the question. Why are they so close up? Why does the dummy controller port extend out so far? And why are there no photos of the controller, which would be what most will be curious about? There also aren’t any sockets for the controller to click into, leading many to believe that this render is a not quite perfect fake.

These are the questions that are being asked as the debate rages on as to whether these are convincing fakes that have been rendered to deceive the internet, or whether they are, in fact, to be believed.

It wouldn’t be the first time that the internet has been tricked, after a 3D printer was used to create a fake Nintendo NX controller that led to many heated conversations online as to its legitimacy based on rumours that had been swirling at the time.

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