Rumour: More Nintendo Switch Mario And Rabbids Crossover RPG Details Emerge


Ubisoft had once teased that they have a “surprise” Nintendo Switch game in development, but it appears that we have now had chance to learn all about it before the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 next week.

Initially leaked by Let’s Play Video Games, in the past week we learned that Grant Kirkhope may have penned the soundtrack for the game.

Now Liam Robertson, known for his detailed research as seen on Unseen64 and DidYouKnowGaming?, has stepped forward to share more on what he has separately heard. That potentially reveals the game’s setting, gameplay, that development and localisation have been completed, and, perhaps most interestingly, touches on how Ubisoft had pitched the idea to Nintendo who went on to greenlight it.

“I want to talk about everything I’ve heard about this Mario/Rabbids crossover game so far to give people an idea of what it might be like,” Robertson shared on Twitter.

“I haven’t played it myself, but I hear it is closer to a strategy RPG style thing like X-Com than a conventional RPG. I don’t know what the title is. There was a rumoured name a little while back that had “Mushroom Kingdom Battle” in the title, I think.

“It’s set in the Mushroom Kingdom and the rabbids dimension is sort of invading it. Most of the enemies are evil/warped rabbids. It does feature Mario and various other main series characters. Nintendo has apparently been very controlling of how they are used. There are also rabbids themed around various Mario characters like Mario and Luigi (costumed rabbids, that sorta thing).”

He continued, “It was Ubisoft who pitched the game to Nintendo a while ago. Nintendo gave them the thumbs up and was happy to do it and closely oversee.

“Gameplay is largely strategy based. There are many weapons and there is a focus on equipping your characters with the appropriate weaponry.

“There are a lot of in-game stats to take into account as you strategise. Different weapons have different properties like poison. The game is content complete and localised, ready to ship. Has been since late last year. Don’t assume it’s a launch game though. I think they’re holding it back.”

The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 will broadcast at 8pm PT (11pm ET) on Thursday 12th January or 4am GMT (5am CET) on Friday 13th January.

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