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Rumour: Luigi’s Mansion 3 In Development For Nintendo NX

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is in development for Nintendo NX, according to the latest rumours to swirl around the unannounced “dedicated game platform.”

After indicating that the platform will be more powerful than PlayStation 4 “by a noticeable amount,” NeoGAF user 10k is back with more rumours for us to pore over. That suggests that Next Level Games are working on Luigi’s next ghost-ridden solo adventure, with Nintendo suitably pleased at their efforts with Luigi’s Mansion 2 for Nintendo 3DS.

Once in development for Wii U, Luigi’s Mansion 3 has been switched to Nintendo NX – presumably as an attempt to prevent the sparse release schedule that its predecessor had suffered. With the developer working on Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the studio’s resources are more than enough to handle working on both games.

“Luigi’s Mansion 3 is in development for NX. This rumor gained popularity awhile ago from Geno but this isn’t my source,” 10k explains. “This was a T1 to start but today I got another source to give some info on it. Two different sources have told me that it is in development for NX, and one source said it’s being developed by Next Level Games, who is big enough to do this and Federation Force at the same time.

“One source said it started as a Wii U game but after the disappointing performance of the Wii U and the scheduled release date for the game being late in the console’s cycle, Nintendo decided to switch development over to NX. (basically the same situation as Zelda for Wii U, but no word on if this game will also get a Wii U version). The other source said it’s a pretty big deal (he didn’t elaborate if he meant Nintendo is making it a big deal or his workplace is).”



  1. Anonymous

    July 24, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    uh they are making the game for nintendo switch in febuwary

    • Alex Seedhouse

      July 24, 2017 at 3:48 pm

      That’s a Fan Wiki. Nintendo has not confirmed that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is in development.

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