Rumour: Little Nightmares Confronts Your Childhood Fears On Nintendo Switch

Little Nightmares Artwork

It would appear that Engine Software is porting Little Nightmares to Nintendo Switch, which is a darkly whimsical tale in which players are confronted with their childhood fears.

The game, which was developed by Tarsier Studios, is a puzzle-platformer horror adventure and was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in April last year.

Players must help Six escape The Maw, which is a mysterious vessel that is inhabited by corrupted souls that are looking for their next meal – a disturbing location that is riddled with secrets to uncover.

It is Engine Software game programmer Peter Maandag’s LinkedIn profile that mentioned porting the game to Nintendo’s portable home console, on which he writes: “Currently I’m working on porting Little Nightmares to Nintendo Switch, using Unreal Engine 4.”

Engine Software has previously ported games like RIVE: Ultimate Edition and Monopoly for Nintendo Switch to the console, so it doesn’t entirely come as a surprise that they have more projects in the works that are headed its way.

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