Rumour: GfK Survey Suggests Nintendo NX Boasts 4K Video Streaming & 900p Resolution

gfk office

The Nintendo NX rumour mill continues to whir, with a survey conducted by GfK appearing to have leaked several key details about the “dedicated game platform.”

The German market research company share “information about the Nintendo NX console” with respondents, outlining that “gameplay flows between Nintendo NX console and Nintendo NX handheld device.”

The survey mentions that players can earn and share gaming achievements, surf the web, and make video calls, with reference to technical performance suggesting that it will support “4K/60fps video streaming” and “gameplay graphics at 900p/60fps.”

It later poses questions such as how much the respondent would be prepared to pay for the console, whether they would prefer to purchase it with or without an optical disk drive, and if they would be interested in accessing a service to play games that is similar to Netflix.

If Nintendo requested that GfK conduct the survey – obtained by Liam Robertson – there is a significant chance that the results are being used to gauge consumer awareness to the rumours that are continuing to swirl online about the console, ahead of an official reveal.

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