Rumour: Free-To-Play amiibo Game Headed To Wii U & 3DS

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It cannot be denied that amiibo has been a tremendously successful move for Nintendo. But, while adding compatibility across multiple games has allowed fans to use their purchases in different ways, we’re still lacking a definitive experience that puts the toys-to-life to work.

Rumours now spark that Nintendo Software Technology has been developing a free-to-play game that will use amiibo to unlock content. Set for release on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Life reports that their source has shared the project has been completed and awaits a launch date to be scheduled.

Nintendo of America are apparently preparing to launch the game in early 2016, which, as part of a promotional campaign, will see it release as a free download for anyone that owns a supported amiibo. That could potentially see it eventually become a paid-for release, but Nintendo of Europe’s plans differ in that it will arrive later in the year but remain a free download.

As to what to expect, we’re unsure. amiibo Touch & Play! Nintendo Classics Highlights was a similar idea that Nintendo presented earlier this year. Players could scan any amiibo to discover “definitive moments” in classic Nintendo games, presented as a way to explore their legacy.

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