Rumour: EA Has Nintendo NX Development Kits


EA CEO Andrew Wilson had shared that they will “evaluate any and all opportunities” with Nintendo NX, and that certainly appears to be the case with reports that the third-party publisher has software development kits.

These had been rumoured to have entered distribution last October, but Did You Know Gaming and Unseen64 contributor Liam Robertson has today shared that an unnamed source has suggested that EA has had them “for a while” and will discuss their intended plans with Nintendo in March.

“EA has NX development kits. They have for a while and they’re meeting with Nintendo in March to hash things out and discuss potential plans,” Robertson shared on Twitter. “Don’t read too much into this. It means what it means – potential plans. It sounds like mostly very early stuff and EA is still unsure.”

He continued, “EA wants Nintendo to do more cross promotion stuff. They’ve been very disappointed that Nintendo doesn’t do EA Sports console bundles. Nintendo is the only one of the big three that doesn’t do this, and they’re hoping to get them to budge on this. EA wants Nintendo to help them cultivate an audience for sports fans if they’re going to go on board with NX.”

That rumbling is encouraging news, given recent history between the two companies. Former CEO John Riccitiello had once called the Wii U “a stunning breakthrough in game technology,” before later infamously remarking that it was the start of “an unprecedented partnership between Nintendo and Electronic Arts.”

That positivity would soon burst, the third-party publisher soon criticising the “lack of online engagement” on the console. To date, they have only published FIFA 13, Mass Effect 3: Special Edition and, the admittedly outstanding, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U for Wii U.

Nintendo NX’s reveal has been promised this year, with recent rumours mentioning Unity and Unreal Engine 4 support, Super Smash Bros. as a launch title and component supplier Macronix suggesting that it would release in 2016.

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  1. Let’s hope that Electronic Arts doesn’t sabotage Nintendo using inferior ports (except for Tantalus / Straight Right).

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