Rumour: Beyond Good & Evil Reboot Arrives Exclusively On Nintendo NX In 2018


After Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel had teased that the series was to make a return, we learned earlier in October that a new game was in development at Ubisoft Montpellier.

Now Let’s Play Video Games has reported on the game’s early direction, citing a source that has been close to negotiations on the project that it will be a standalone reboot rather than a traditional sequel as expected.

This will partially retell Beyond Good & Evil protagonist Jade’s origin tale, expand on Peyj’s backstory, and build on the concluding events seen in the original game. Ubisoft hopes that this will make the adventure more welcoming to those that haven’t played the original, allowing them to understand who Jade is and what motivates Pey’j.

Whilst, for those that have played the original, they hope to provide closure in relation to the game’s closing cliffhanger and the impact it will have on the narrative moving forward. This modernisation will hopefully mean that the series will have a better chance at continuing beyond this new adventure.

Alongside this, a separate source has claimed that a new CGI trailer will be shown when Nintendo NX is revealed. This will announce that the game will be an exclusive for the new console, which is targeting a Summer 2018 release window.

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  1. Hopeful this happens but considering Ubisoft’s history of “exclusive” Nintendo games, we might have wait till an official announcement before we can be truly happy about this. Also, what’s with Ubisoft putting out cliffhanger games, they did the same thing with XIII during the GameCube era. XIII is definitely a game they should revisit and finish.

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