Rumour: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is A Nintendo NX Exclusive


Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been a project shrouded in uncertainty. After a teaser trailer was shown in May 2008, mixed signals have since surrounded the sequel.

However, Ubisoft added clarity when they announced that it was in active development in July 2014, with the game said to have been playtested at Ubisoft Montpelier in June last year. That being said, it’s been a while since it was last seen.

Now, we have another rumour to deal with. Nintendo has apparently negotiated a deal with Ubisoft that secures Beyond Good & Evil 2 as a Nintendo NX exclusive, launching in 2017. Destructoid has reportedly corroborated the rumour, suggesting that it has been assigned the working title Beyond Good & Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers.

As with Bayonetta 2, Nintendo is hoping to win over core gamers by demonstrating that they are willing to support projects that otherwise wouldn’t come to fruition.

In an episode of Double Fine’s Devs Play earlier this year, Ancel had touched on his surprise about the increased interest surrounding the sequel: “That’s the problem, there’s no choice [the sequel] has to be great. When we started [Beyond Good & Evil], it was not that much pressure. The crazy thing is that the game was really not that successful, and nobody talked about the game.

“We did E3 with Miyamoto, so we talked about the game, with Miyamoto, and were very happy. We didn’t have a lot of feedback, but all the journalists and magazines were focusing on Half-Life 2, incredible, nice games. We went back to France and there was no body on the Internet talking about the game. And now, year after year more and more people are talking about this game, and it’s growing and growing and growing. It’s crazy. No other games I’ve made have the same aura.”

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