Rumor: Persona 5 S Takes Your Heart On Nintendo Switch In Fall 2019

Persona 5 S Key Art

After Joker was revealed as the first downloadable content character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, speculation has run rampant that ATLUS is working on a Persona 5 port for Nintendo Switch.

That rumor swirls once more as Twitter user JaridOhya has now claimed that Persona 5 will release as Persona 5 S on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Fall 2019 – something that we can assume will be an enhanced port much in the same way as Persona 4 Golden.

These rumblings come as ATLUS prepares to reveal more about Persona 5 R this month, although according to JaridOhya, who was one of the earliest to report on the existence of that project, we can expect to hear news on the Nintendo Switch port in the coming months – more specifically, at some point before May.

JaridOhya made an additional claim in that ATLUS is exploring whether to develop a Persona 3 HD remaster, although it is unclear which platforms this would be destined for.

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