Rumor: Cheaper Nintendo Switch Revision Out In 2019

Neon Red Blue Nintendo Switch Photo

We now know that more than 32.27 million Nintendo Switch consoles have been soldaround the world, and, as we wait for a Nintendo Direct to learn more about the games line-up that has been prepared for 2019, there is another way that the company will look to maintain strong momentum behind the portable home console.

Nikkei reports that Nintendo plans to release a smaller Nintendo Switch revision this year, that will remove certain features. We can presume that means that you may not be able to attach Joy-Con to the device, or something simpler such as coming without a Nintendo Switch Dock in the box. That means that it will offer a lower price point for consumers that prefer to play portably in Handheld mode, with no desire to transfer their experience to a TV screen.

When approached about what the Japanese financial publication had heard, Nintendo refused to comment. Nikkei attribute their sources to suppliers and developers who have been informed that the smaller Nintendo Switch model could be released as early as this year.

They also shared a separate rumor about a new subscription service that will start in 2019. This will be in addition to Nintendo Switch Online and will be targeted at gaming enthusiasts who are prepared to spend more money on it – compared to casual consumers who aren’t.

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