Rumor: BoxBoy! Makes A Return On Nintendo Switch

BoxBoy! Key Art

We may have already said Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, but it would appear that Qbby’s adventures are far from over. The heroics of HAL Laboratory’s square-shaped character were a hit on Nintendo 3DS, the puzzle-platformer challenging players to create boxes out of thin air to reach their destination in each stage.

It sounds like he will make a return on Nintendo Switch, with known insider King Zell having shared on ResetEra that along with a Nintendo Direct presentation, Pikmin 3 Deluxe, and Super Mario Maker 2, a new BoxBoy! game is in development for the portable home console.

Whether this will bundle the three existing games – BoxBoy!, BoxBoxBoy!, and Bye-Bye BoxBoy! – or be a brand new game entirely is unclear at this point, but, if the rumor turns out to be true, it’s great to see Qbby back in action.

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