RPG Maker MV Coming To Nintendo Switch This September

RPG Maker MV Art

NIS America and Kadokawa Corporation have confirmed a release date for RPG Maker MV on Nintendo Switch.

The game creation software had been scheduled for release in February 2019 before being delayed into later that year “due to ongoing issues with development.” News about the upcoming game had fallen worryingly silent since then, until now.

RPG Maker MV comes with hundreds of textures, character designs, monsters, and landscapes that can be used to create your own story – whether that be a tale of valour, a high fantasy tale of knights and dragons or a tragic story of high school romance.

Your creations can then be shared online with other players, even with those that don’t own RPG Maker MV thanks to the free RPG Maker MV Player app.

RPG Maker MV will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in North America on 8th September, in Europe on 11th September and across Oceania on 18th September 2020.

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