Roguelike Deckbuilder Castle Morihisa Dealt February Release Date

Castle Morihisa Logo

Thermite Games and Smokingbear Studio have confirmed a release date for their tactical roguelike deckbuilder Castle Morihisa on Nintendo Switch.

Set in a dark fantasy feudal Japan, after a military decree was issued by the shogunate Castle Morihisa fell silent. With a rumour swirling that the castle’s lord had desired to usurp the throne, an unease descends upon the land and metsuke Yagyū Munenori tasks a trusted spy with investigating and reporting back to the shogunate.

Choosing from one of four different classes – Monk, Samurai, Onmyoji or Ninja – that each has its own distinct deck of cards, you must journey toward the ominous castle in the search for answers.

There are more than 300 cards to build your deck from, with which you must battle against enemies that take their inspiration from Japanese folklore. You can choose to spend your action points to deal damage or add armour to defend against incoming attacks.

Succeed in overcoming overwhelming odds and you will earn talent points to unlock game-changing passive abilities, whereas the coins that you earn can be spent at the card shop to build out the perfect deck as you draw ever closer to Castle Morihisa.

“Castle Morihisa’s hundreds of cards, unique character-specific abilities, and folklore-inspired world combine for a delightfully challenged and utterly rewarding experience,” explains Smokingbear Studios game producer Zhenghang Cai. “By blending both deckbuilding systems and roguelike design elements, we believe players will be eagerly awaiting their chance to march toward Castle Morihisa on Nintendo Switch and PC on February 10!”

Castle Morihisa will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 10th February 2022, to be made available with a 10 percent launch discount.

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