Road 96: Mile 0 Coming To Nintendo Switch

Road 96: Mile 0 Logo

Ravenscourt and DigixArt have announced that Road 96: Mile 0 will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

This is a prequel to the critically acclaimed Road 96, promising to follow the original game’s narrative adventure roots while tying in “heartfelt musical scenes.”

It is set in White Sands, Petria’s only luxurious community. You will alternate between the roles of Zoe, a character from Road 96 who comes from the rich side of White Sands and whose father works for the government, and Kaito, a character from Lost In Harmony who was born in the rough, impoverished Colton City.

These two teenagers have opposite backgrounds and beliefs, but they are good friends. However, their journey in Road 96: Mile 0 will challenge their friendship and everything that they believe in.

Zoe will eventually be exposed to disturbing truths about her country and even her own father, discovering what made her flee her home and what was behind the 1986 Border Attack that sets off the events in Road 96.

The experience will shift between narrative-driven gameplay to rhythm-based sections that let you explore the thought processes of both Zoe and Kaito through “psychedelic musical rides.” Within these, you must make impactful narrative and emotional decisions that shape the journey of the game’s two protagonists.

“In Road 96 Mile 0 we wanted to show where Zoe is coming from and why she left her comfortable life,” explains DigixArt CEO Yoan Fanise. “But we didn’t create Mile 0 in the conventional way. We went the crazy route, using metaphorical music sequences where you ride along on the beliefs and doubts of Zoe and Kaito. The funny part is that YOU choose how you want them to evolve.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Road 96 World: Understand the previous event of Road 96 and what made Zoe flee from her home. Play as Zoe and Kaito to shape the evolution of their fate. Besides this, you will run into many of the colorful characters from Road 96. Get to experience another side of the troubled country of Petria.
  • It’s All About Friendship: This is a story about conflict and difference of opinion between two friends. Zoe and Kaito come from two different worlds, but they are unified by a powerful friendship. They will face many challenges, can they overcome them?
  • Musical Rides: The musical segments of the game are a real emotional experience that put you into inner worlds of Zoe and Kaito. You will have to make choices and ride and dodge to find your way through these beautiful psychedelic trips.

Road 96: Mile 0 will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 4th April 2023.

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