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Rivyd have announced that they will bring Kenji: Rise of a Hero as an exclusive to Wii U later this year, with development being headed up by The Pixel Walkers.

The publisher explained their intention is to produce “one of the most difficult games to date” for the console, a single-player platformer that will hope to push your skills to their very limits. Produced and created by Hiram Jaden Maldonado, protagonist Kenji took an unlikely source of inspiration having been named after Linkin Park vocalist and keyboard player Mike Kenji Shinoda, and Hiram himself being born in the year of the monkey.

Kenji’s clothes and Mohawk are drawn from Hiram himself, explaining that the character “represented just about everything about me. That tends to make it a lot easier when writing the story or any scripts. Rather than thinking what a character would do or say, I think about what I would do or say in that situation.”

It is a character Rivyd believe to be a perfect fit for Nintendo’s system, with the game art itself looking toward revamping olden-style Japanese games. Assets were firstly hand-drawn by Hiram Jaden Maldonado and Tony Yang, and then painted digitally by Tim Prowls to give a more stunning appearance. Matched by an upbeat soundtrack penned by Lee Andrew Pancake, players will adventure on a journey that largely revolves around discovering themselves – facing fears that we all must conquer. The game is currently being programmed and built by Terrence Andrews, Tyler Schmeda and Tim Prowls.

More information is promised over the coming weeks although you can hear the game’s main theme, “Calling of the Woods,” below, alongside some concept artwork. Rivyd are also keen for players to let them know what they would like to see in the game, so feel free to drop them a message through their website, Twitter or Facebook.




Alex Seedhouse

Alex Seedhouse

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