River City Girls In The Works At WayForward and Arc System Works

Arc System Works X WayForward Logo

WayForward and Arc System Works have announced that they have teamed up to create River City Girls, a new game based on the long-running River City action series.

This is promised to be an “exciting, fresh, and unexpected update” to the beloved series, which, as the name suggests, will star a female protagonist.

“This is a really wonderful opportunity. Arc System Works is an extremely talented gaming company that we’ve admired for many years, and we are incredibly happy to be working with them,” explains WayForward founder Voldi Way. “This new take on the River City universe is going to be a lot of fun.”

Arc System Works producer Takaomi Kaneko adds: “Everyone here is pleasantly surprised by the way the River City series is turning out. I think the River City series has a reputation as a 2D fighting-action game with a lot of male fans, but then River City Girls appears! WayForward’s enthusiasm for a female protagonist won me over.”

It was Natsume that had more recently revived the series on Nintendo 3DS with three games for Nintendo 3DS, in River City: Tokyo Rumble (September 2016), River City: Knights of Justice (June 2017), River City: Rival Showdown (November 2017).

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