Risk, Trivial Pursuit Live! And Hasbro Game Night Out On Nintendo Switch Next Month

Risk Nintendo Switch Screenshot

Ubisoft has announced that Risk, Trivial Pursuit Live! and Hasbro Game Night will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

The perfect chance to scratch a board-game itch on the portable home console, Trivial Pursuit Live! will let players compete in teams or one-on-one in versus mode, or with up to three friends in local multi-console mode. It has 1,800 up-to-date questions, a number that includes 650 kid-friendly family questions.

Your road to global domination in Risk has seen the developer improve the gameplay pacing and add a new top view, while both games have graphical, UI and online enhancements compared to past versions – with touchscreen features exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

The two games will also be available in the three-games-in-one Hasbro Game Night compilation that also throws in Monopoly for Nintendo Switch, which has previously been released as a standalone game.

Risk, Trivial Pursuit Live! and Hasbro Game Night will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 30th.

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