Rising Star Games step in to save Delve Interactive’s Poncho


After an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, the future looked unclear for Delve Interactive’s Poncho.

Enter white knight Rising Star Games, who, in continuing to work with independent developers, have partnered with the UK developer to help bring their plane-shifting 2D pixel platformer to Wii U and other platforms later this year.

Poncho allows players to shift between three layers of depth, telling the story of a robot who awakes to discover itself in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has completely disappeared. What happened is a mystery, although the truth awaits you as the game’s poncho-wearing mechanical hero searches for his maker, and to try to restore humanity.

“When we are looking for games to publish we are always on the hunt for something special,” comments Rising Star Games managing director Martin Defries. “Poncho is special. It was love at first sight. It is a game that has thrilled us since we started playing early versions and has continued to do so throughout its development. The team at Delve have created a new hero and an amazing game. We feel special now being part of Poncho’s world.”

Poncho co-creator Danny Hayes adds, “We always wanted to bring Poncho to the widest possible gaming audience. Partnering with the team at Rising Star Games has meant that we can now do that. We have embraced their passion and know-how with our creativity. Poncho is a new kind of pixel super hero that we hope you will all love.”

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