Rising Star Games share new Shifting World trailer

shifting world

A new trailer has emerged for Nintendo 3DS puzzle platformer Shifting World, set to be published by the talented folks at Rising Star Games.

Based upon the award-winning Shift series by Armor Games, this latest iteration has been developed by Fishing Cactus and is the first to be available on consoles.

Players must shift the world between black and white, using the ability to their advantage as they overcome in-game obstacles to escape the room.

Adventure Mode plays home to over 60 levels, with additional Bonus and Time Attack modes, as well as both a level editor and a level generator that works by taking pictures of DataMatrix bar codes.

Shifting World will release for Nintendo 3DS in September.

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  1. Over 60 levels? This game does look pretty challenging… but, Pushmo topped 250 levels and it’s an e shop game. I doubt I’l ever include this game in my considerations.

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