Rise Of The Third Power Out On Nintendo Switch This Week

Rise Of The Third Power Logo

DANGEN Entertainment and Stegosoft Games have confirmed that Rise of the Third Power will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

Pitched as a “16-bit style love letter to the glory days of RPGs,” this is the next game from the two-person team behind Ara Fell and Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition.

You will gain a party of up to eight unique characters throughout the game, that each has “their own background story, ambitions, and personalities, as they embark upon a suicide mission to prevent a war and topple the Arkadyan emperor.”

Promising a more than 35-hour story-focused quest told with “a blend of humour, drama and tragedy,” the game’s battle system places an emphasis on ability use and removes the need for a basic attack.

With every skill meant designed “to be employed frequently and tactically,” you can swap out party members, see the order of their actions at the top of the screen and use team abilities to gain the upper hand.

“What matters more than anything is making our games with love,” the developer explains. “We didn’t think we could do that more than we did in Ara Fell, but we hope it shines through all the same in Rise of the Third Power.”

Rise of the Third Power will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 10th February 2022.

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