Riot Control Simulator Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2023

Riot Control Simulator Screenshot

Games Box, Ultimate Games and Corpix Games have revealed that Riot Control Simulator is in development for Nintendo Switch.

In this “realistic simulator of pacifying raging crowds,” you will be challenged to lead the law enforcement services that must suppress street protests and restore law and order in cities.

You must maintain control and avert the dangers that raging crowds of protesters present, with the gameplay experience requiring “a large dose of craftiness and the ability to select the proper tactics for a given situation.”

The methods available to you to handle the crowds will range from using tight formation to catch the most aggressive protesters to more “non-standard solutions” based on provocation and inflitration.

“The modern world is full of unrest, and practically every day brings news of protests erupting in various parts of the world. Sometimes these activities are spontaneous, other times they involve organised and trained individuals. In all cases, however, they pose a considerable challenge for the police and other governmental forces, which we intend to realistically depict in the game,” explains Games Box CEO Tomasz Supeł. “When developing Riot Control Simulator, we put a lot of emphasis on details, so that the player can accurately experience the situation from the perspective of law enforcement services.”

Riot Control Simulator will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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