Rhythm Sprout Strikes Up Q1 2023 Release Window

Rhythm Sprout Logo

tinyBuild and SURT have confirmed a release window for their “high-focus” rhythm action game Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

You play as Sprout, the Chosen Onion, who sets out to rescue Princess Cauliflower and save the Vegetable Kingdom from King Sugar Daddy’s invasion.

With every level promising to have “unique visuals, music theme and song structure,” you will make progress through successful hits on the stage’s rhythm pattern. There are also enemies to beat, which will also test your rhythmic timing – some battles ending with Thrash Sections where you can smash your buttons to push for a higher score.

“With Rhythm Sprout, our goal has been to deliver a combination of easy-to-understand gameplay with a surprising amount of depth, a light-hearted and self-aware story, and of course, sick beats,” explains Surt CEO Jon Vait. “We’re so excited for players to meet the colourful cast of characters and [the] vibrant world we have created, and can’t wait to show off more soon.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Move and fight to the music: Step, attack and dodge with every hit of the note. Master the enemy patterns and don’t miss a beat!
  • Set of handcrafted levels: Every level explores its own visual and audio theme, inspired by a variety of music genres and time periods. You’ll see a number of unique colourful environments and face a charming cast of sweet villains.
  • Follow the self-aware and lightweight story in the breaks: You play as the Chosen Onion – Sprout – saviour of the Vegetable Kingdom. Will you stop the King Sugar Daddy’s Bad Sweets army? Could you save the Princess … what was her name, again? Meet the adorable characters and unravel the quirky story with funny dialogue interactions.
  • Easy to Pick-up: Designed to be accessible for newcomers with a 3-button control scheme and approachable visuals.
  • High Skill Ceiling for the Pros: We keep a major focus on providing a refreshing challenge for the vets of the rhythm action genre. Give it a try and don’t miss a beat!

Rhythm Sprout will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q1 2023.

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