Revisit The Past In Desta: The Memories Between

Desta: The Memories Between Logo

ustwo games has revealed the strategic, turn-based action game Desta: The Memories Between as its next project.

After Destra drifts to sleep each night, they find themselves entering a mysterious and infinite dream-world which is “filled with glowing balls to throw, shattered remnants of locations past, and vague memories.”

Taking inspiration from games such as Hades, Into The Breach and Inception, this is promised to be the developer’s “deepest, most ambitious and most replayable title” and will deliver an experience that explores themes such as introspection and self-reflection.

“All the characters you meet in the game helped Desta become who they are – there’s a lot about loss and finding yourself, which are themes that I’m sure we can all relate to,” explains ustwo games chief creative officer Danny Gray. “We hope players enjoy exploring Desta’s dream worlds, and the reawakening that follows.”

The developer has broken down the game’s key features as below:

  • Into The Infinite Dream: Night after night, Desta finds themselves falling into the mysterious and seemingly endless Infinite Dream – filled with powerful, luminous orb-like balls, shattered remnants of locations past and relationships Desta’s wished went differently.
  • Play A Surreal Ball Game: Overcome tactical challenges with perfect throws, shoot spirited trick shots and land sensational hits in turn-based sports-style encounters. As nights progress, Desta will become more experienced and attuned to this surreal world, discovering new abilities and ways to win.
  • Find Your Friends: Brought to life with a full voice cast, Desta will meet all sorts of interesting and strange characters throughout their journey, all with exceptional abilities and powers, creating a varied and different playing experience every time
  • Relive Forgotten Memories: Surprises await every time Desta falls into the dreamworld. With unique dialogue, abilities and environments to explore – this is ustwo games’ deepest and most replayable game yet.
  • Introduction To Tactics: From beginning to end, being approachable is a core value of all ustwo games. Desta: The Memories Between is designed for players of all skill levels to be able to experience the full journey

In partnership with Netflix, Desta: The Memories Between will release later this year as a timed exclusive on mobile, and will come to consoles “at a later date.”

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