Trine Enchanted Edition Review Header

Trine Enchanted Edition Review

After the death of an old king without an heir, an undead army would rise to chaos and splinter the foundations of peace and prosperity that would beforehand grace the lands of the kingdom. Those who ...

8 Great
GRIP: Combat Racing Review Header

GRIP: Combat Racing Review

Wired Productions’ GRIP: Combat Racing for the Nintendo Switch aims to fill the racing genre void that the Nintendo Switch has suffered throughout 2018. Though unconventional when compared to ot...

7 Good
Nidhogg 2 Review Header

Nidhogg 2 Review

If there was one game that I have always seen as an absolute necessity for the Nintendo Switch, it would have to be Nidhogg. A back-and-forth explosion of tag fused with the skillful art of fencing, t...

8 Great
Chasm Review Header

Chasm Review

We have seen it so many times now; an indie developer jumping on the bandwagon with its own retro-styled, pixelated 2D Metroidvania title. It’s something that we are seeing more and more of and you co...

6 Fair
Valkyria Chronicles Review Header

Valkyria Chronicles Review

As I’m sure has been the case with many of its players, Valkyria Chronicles 4 was my introduction to SEGA’s long-running series – one that left quite the impression. The tactical role-player sported a...

8 Great
Save Me Mr Tako Review Header

Save Me Mr Tako Review

Save Me Mr Tako is an uncanny tale set in a world where human and octopus are sworn enemies waging war against one another. You play as a loveable squishy little cephalopod called Mr Tako, who goes ou...

8 Great
DERU: The Art of Cooperation Review Header

DERU: The Art of Cooperation Review

A good puzzle game will manage to strike just the right balance when it comes to its difficulty. Too hard and frustration soon sets, the constant banging of your head on the wall losing its appeal fas...

8 Great
Road Redemption Review Header

Road Redemption Review

We’ve had roguelike platformers and puzzle games and RPGs also, but as a huge fan of the concept behind rogue style games, I never thought I would see a racing game with shades of the genre. Road Rede...

7 Good
Pokémon Let's Go Review Header

Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu! And Eevee! Review

Nostalgia is powerful. The chance to catch pocket monsters in the real world saw Pokémon GO fast become a worldwide phenomenon. Oddish sprouted up in parks, Magikarp were seen splashing around near ri...

8 Great

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