Pokémon Black And White Review

Fifteen years on from when the original games were first released in Japan, the global success of the Pokémon franchise is unquestionable. Enhanced by a long-running anime series, films, manga, and an...

9 Amazing

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review

This past year has seen the continued revival of many of Nintendo’s most well-loved characters. Donkey Kong answered the call of the jungle beat, Samus Aran pursued a trail of conspiracy in Metr...

9 Amazing

Sonic Colours Review

Accompanying the release of its Wii counterpart, SEGA has enlisted the developmental talents of Japanese based studio Dimps to produce a Sonic Colours title for Nintendo’s ever popular array of ...

9 Amazing

Worms Battle Islands Review

Worms. The mere mention of the name conjures images of opposing teams employing an impressive arsenal of weaponry as they do their best to take each other out across a variety of colourful landscapes....

8 Great

Wheel Of Fortune Review

For those that have never encountered the popular game show before, Wheel of Fortune‘s premise revolves around solving word puzzles taken from a range of differing categories. Contestants are ab...

6 Fair

Sonic Colours Review

After a flurry of misguided adventures that failed to meet their mark, it’s finally here; a 3D Sonic title that sees the popular blue hedgehog return to form. Whisking Sonic and trusty pal Tails...

8 Great
Donkey Kong Country Returns Review Header

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review

After a hiatus of over a decade, the iconic jungle sensation is back as Nintendo top off their impeccable Christmas software line-up with the highly anticipated return of one of their most loved franc...

9 Amazing

Rabbids Go Home Review

I have to say, I have a huge soft spot for the rather infectious personalities of the now infamous Rabbids. Having featured within three previous titles on Wii, in Rabbids Go Home, they now turn their...

8 Great

Scribblenauts Review

Subtitled ‘Write Anything, Solve Everything,’ Scribblenauts became an instant hit when it was first shown at E3 earlier this year – immediately gaining enormous recognition for its f...

8 Great

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