Donkey Kong Country Returns Review Header

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review

After a hiatus of over a decade, the iconic jungle sensation is back as Nintendo top off their impeccable Christmas software line-up with the highly anticipated return of one of their most loved franc...

9 Amazing

Rabbids Go Home Review

I have to say, I have a huge soft spot for the rather infectious personalities of the now infamous Rabbids. Having featured within three previous titles on Wii, in Rabbids Go Home, they now turn their...

8 Great

Scribblenauts Review

Subtitled ‘Write Anything, Solve Everything,’ Scribblenauts became an instant hit when it was first shown at E3 earlier this year – immediately gaining enormous recognition for its f...

8 Great

G-Force Review

There has been an increasing number of computer-animated films released at cinemas worldwide over the past couple of years, and this Summer saw Walt Disney Pictures enter the fray with both Guinea Pig...

7 Good

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Review

The most recent film adaptation of the Harry Potter series is set to be released in cinemas around the world this week, despite originally being scheduled for release last November, and as with all pr...

6 Fair

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