Retro-Style RPG The Tenth Line: Special Edition Coming To Nintendo Switch

The Tenth Line: Special Edition Logo

Sungazer Software has announced that The Tenth Line: Special Edition will release on Nintendo Switch this month.

In this retro-style RPG, you must guide the princess of Easania, who, along with her unusual but reliable companions from the tiny nation, must escape the clutches of a mysterious cult that chase them.

That will see you explore the world through 2D platforming, with the chance to control three separate characters that each have their unique ways of interacting with it.

Promising a fantastical tale about friendship, faith, and finding your place in the world, you will have to defeat your enemies in turn-based battles that use an active timing element.

Those that would rather focus on enjoying the story can choose an option mode that removes most of the enemy encounters and simplifies the platforming.

The Tenth Line: Special Edition will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 12th priced at £10.99 ($12.99).

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