Retro Studios Relaunches Official Website


Retro Studios has relaunched their official website, in what is expected to be an important year for the Austin, Texas-based developer.

With the promised Nintendo NX reveal looming, many are hoping to at long last hear about what the studio has been busying themselves with since 2014’s Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Their modernised website replaces the dilapidated predecessor with a clean design, separated into sections that explore the history behind the studio, news articles, games that they have worked on, and awards that they have received over the years.

Founded in 1998, Retro Studios is celebrated for their work in transitioning Samus Aran’s adventures into 3D in the Metroid Prime series, while answering the call of the jungle drum to create the Donkey Kong Counry series.

Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe unsurprisingly confirmed that they were working on a new title in February 2014, and, beforehand, the incomparable Shigeru Miyamoto had once suggested that they would be “a very high priority” for the next Metroid game.

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