Retro-Inspired RPG CrossCode Delayed Into 2020

CrossCode Key Art

Deck13 Interactive and Radical Fish Games have announced that their retro-inspired action RPG CrossCode has been delayed into 2020.

“We’re still working on it and we’re making really good progress. That being said, we hoped for a 2019 release earlier this year. And – as you can see – this did not work out as intended,” Deck13 Interactive explained in an update.

“We underestimated the amount of work a bit. Or, in other words, it became… complicated. Especially the performance became a major challenge. Lea would say: Why?

“That’s why: CrossCode is written in HTML5. And that means that there is tons of JavaScript. And live compiling it in a Chromium Browser is causing security issues on consoles and is forbidden on most platforms as hackers could attack the hardware through that.

“So we had to find a solution. Which is basically an interpreter which translates the code but locks it up in a cage. That also means: We had a performance bottleneck. As the code was read by the interpreter and then translated into something the console would understand and then read by the console. It is like watching a movie in a movie in a livestream.

“Yet: We have it under control now. We’re still ironing out the last issues, fixing some broken bosses and quests (which also have to be interpreted which means the interpreter must be able to read them etc.). But we’re getting there.”

CrossCode combines 16-bit graphics with smooth physics, a fast-paced combat system and engaging puzzle mechanics wrapped around the story that it weaves.

That means that there are puzzles to solve in the dungeons that you explore, in which you are rewarded with equipment to strengthen your party.

And then, in battle, the tools that you find on your journey can be used to reveal and exploit enemy weaknesses, so that you know how to most effectively topple your foes.

CrossCode will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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