Retro didn’t want to “shoehorn” online multiplayer into DKC: Tropical Freeze


Retro Studios have discussed how they didn’t wish to “shoehorn in” an online component for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

That’s according to the studio’s CEO Michael Kelbaugh, who discussed that if they were to do so they “owe it to the fans” to make sure that they approached it more creatively and with enough resources.

“If we’re going to create an online component for Donkey Kong, we really need to do it right and not shoehorn in, ‘Oh, let’s play Dixie remotely’. That just wasn’t an objective for Tropical Freeze”, Kelbaugh reasoned.

“So if we were really go back and create an online environment, I think we owe it to the fans to do it better than just making online co-op. We really need to put some thought and resources into doing it the right way”.

He continued, “If we were to make a full online experience, I’d want to spend time to do it and make sure that we stay true to the franchise and incorporate this new feature in the right way and I’m not sure that this game is the right way to start Donkey Kong Country Online [laughs]. I’m really a purist at heart, especially when it comes to Donkey Kong Country, and I’d want to approach it the right way”.

Such thoughts were echoed by Nintendo’s Kensuke Tanabe, who shared his opinion that it is far more enjoyable to play with someone alongside you rather than online.

He explained, “This is a personal opinion, but if I’m playing with somebody, I think it’s just a heck of a lot more fun to be sitting in the same room as that person rather than playing with somebody at a distance and I think it’s especially true for Nintendo games; we have a history of families playing together, whether that’s the parents playing with the children or the children playing with their siblings. And I think with Donkey Kong, that’s something that we preferred. We really wanted to support that style of play”.

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