Retrieve The Bra Of Darkness In Moero Crystal H On Nintendo Switch This Week

Moero Crystal H Logo

eastasiasoft, Compile Heart and Idea Factory have announced that their sexy dungeon-crawling comedy Moero Crystal H will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

It tells the tale of Zenox the “Lucky Pervert,” who must team up with a group of monster girls to retrieve the stolen Bra of Darkness. Equipped with the Panties of Light to help guide them, you must reclaim this powerful object in order to save the world.

The original Moero Crystal was released on PlayStation Vita in 2015, with Moero Crystal H acting as a follow-up that adds a standalone story and all-new characters.

This remastered version has upgraded high-definition presentation, all previously released downloadable content characters, English language subtitles and the new Double Scratch feature that lets you interact with and raise the affection of two monster girls at once.

You will explore grid-based dungeons in which you can fight and recruit more than 80 monster girls in turn-based combat, mixing and matching their outfit combinations to change their appearance and skills.

There’s also the chance to board the Funyaton-Go to participate in shoot ’em up sections, upgrade your gang’s living quarters and pair up with monster girls as roommates.

“We at eastasiasoft are proud to be able to bring more of the Genkai Tokki series to western audiences, and collaborating with Playasia makes it even more special,” explains eastasiasoft community manager Joshua M French.

“Moero Crystal H is one of the most unique RPGs bringing engaging gameplay and a distinctive visual flair which is rarely seen outside of Japan. Bringing it to Nintendo Switch players worldwide will help to bring it the recognition it deserves!”

Moero Crystal H will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 17th September 2020 priced at £34.99 ($39.99), with a physical edition to be made available exclusively from Playasia on the same date.

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