Retrieve Forgotten Memories In Incredible Mandy On Nintendo Switch

Incredible Mandy Screenshot

CIRCLE Entertainment and Dotoyou Games have announced that Incredible Mandy will release on Nintendo Switch, a game that has been based on the theme of dreams with art direction that has looked to deliver “a beautiful world of wonder.”

You play as Mandy, who, challenged to overcome her fears, searches for memories that are scattered throughout the dream. She must guide her brother after a tragic accident had affected them both.

Having lost his right hand in the accident, the brother’s replacement can summon the Excalibur of Light – a weapon that symbolises positive power.

With the enemies that appear representing the fear in the hearts of the brother and sister, you must use the Excalibur of Light to defeat them.

Incredible Mandy will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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