Restore Harmonic Balance In Lumini On Nintendo Switch

Lumini Screenshot

2Awesome Studio has revealed that Lumini will release on Nintendo Switch.

Speelbaars had created this Independent Games Festival-nominated game, but, as the developer has now disbanded, it is being given a second lease of life.

Taking control of a swarm of Lumini – an ancient race that has been missing for thousands of years – you must grow, evolve and keep the swarm safe from harm.

That will see you sail your Lumini through beautiful but time-worn landscapes, encountering mystical creatures and solving ancient puzzles to proceed.

Eventually, this will lead you to discover why the Lumini vanished, and help them in restoring peace and harmonic balance to their home planet.

“Lumini is an amazing game with a touching theme and a soundtrack that always blew me away,” explains 2Awesome Studio co-founder David Jimenez.

“I personally knew the team from a long time and we felt Lumini deserved to be on as many platforms as possible so that others can experience its magic.”

Lumini will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in early 2020.

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