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Resident Evil: Revelations original concept took place on a “floating mansion”

Resident Evil: Revelations’ original concept was the result of fan feedback that they still consider the GameCube remake of Resident Evil to be the best in the survival horror series, producer Masachika Kawata has revealed.

Its eerie mansion setting proved to be a popular element indeed, and the ‘Queen Zenobia’ cruise ship in Revelations was meant to resemble this – its interior being adorned in a similar way.

What players won’t realise though, is that before deciding to place the ship was originally conceived as a floating mansion – community manager Seth Killian sharing such details in Capcom’s latest bi-weekly podcast.

“The concept for Revelations, it was actually just a floating mansion,” Killian reveals. “That was the concept. It was just a mansion at sea. Capcom USA forced them to change it to a cruise ship.”


[Thanks Siliconera]

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