Replica Mario Kart 7 Trophies available through Club Nintendo

club nintendo mario kart 7 trophies

Replica Mario Kart 7 Trophies become the latest addition to Club Nintendo’s Star Catalogue.

Inspired by Mario Kart 7, members can spend 5000 Stars to claim either a Leaf Cup, Shell Cup or Special Cup Trophy, which measure at 12 x 10cm.

These are, in fact, miniature versions of the full-sized trophies being offered through the national Nintendo Mario Kart 7 competitions currently underway across Europe.

Will you be spending your hard earned Stars on these?

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  1. I won a shell cup trophy today at the midday tournament of mario kart 7, at Bournemouth air show.
    The trophy is awesome.. Really pretty heavy, and I see that mushroom trophies are going on eBay for up to £140.00

    Is the shell cup something the collectors desire?

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