Renegade Kid still keen to make Moon sequel


Most may remember that Renegade Kid developed Dementium for Nintendo DS, producing a sequel a few years later.

They also crafted another first-person shooter for the handheld, Moon, though have never found the opportunity to create a follow up for the game – something that studio co-founder Jools Watsham says may still be on the cards.

“We had always planned to make a sequel to Moon, but that seems extremely unlikely at this point due to its ties with the publisher,” Watsham explained within the latest issue of Nintendo Force. “Perhaps we’ll attempt to buy the sequel rights back from Mastiff one day. Not sure.”

He continued, “Having said that though, we are pouring all of our efforts and desires into our new first-person shooter for the 3DS. If people like our new FPS, then we’ll have complete freedom to continue to support that game with sequels and such.”

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