Relive Grandpaw’s Memories In Petit Island On Nintendo Switch

Petit Island Logo

SOEDESCO and Xelo Games have announced that the “wholesome” open-world photo exploration game Petit Island is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Grandpaw was once a brave and adventurous cat, having spent his youth exploring many places and travelling the world. With his adventuring days behind him, he now tells stories of his adventures to his little grandchild, Lily.

Now that he is older, Grandpaw’s memories are starting to fade and it is down to you, as Lily, to go on your own quest and relive the memories that he left in his journal. Can you help Grandpaw remember his past, while discovering a newfound adventuring spirit within yourself?

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Explore Petit Island: Have the purrrfect time of your life! Discover hidden treasures and wild animals on the island. The villages and cities have so much to offer too, so soak up all the knowledge while you can!
  • Capture memories: Help your grandpaw reminisce about his adventuresome days by capturing nostalgic spots on the island with your camera. Take a lot of photos with locals, tourists, animals, and everything else you can on the island!
  • Meet new friends and local tourists: Get to know the island’s quirky and interesting characters as you go along your journey! Befriend the community to gain their trust – scratch their back, and they scratch yours!
  • Let yourself shine: Customize your appearance to your heart’s desire! With plenty of options, you can look exactly how you want to.

Petit Island will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2024.

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